5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Attendance Devices

With the evolution of technology and biometrics, our modern lifestyle has been changed completely. Today we have many new working methods which are better than its previous ones. With the growing needs in the market daily new products are being introduced to the market. Today’s technology has been implemented to modern attendance devices. For instance, if you are going to work, there are offices that uses biometric fingerprint scanning to take attendance of office. 


The best way of marking attendance in today’s generation is through the use of a top of biometric attendance system. These systems often use biometric features like unique characteristics of humans, like fingerprints, face, voice and DNA for recognizing the individuals and granting access. Considering biometric machines are safe enough to be used for marking attendance, that is why the biometric attendance system is greatly used today in many multinational companies, dormitories, hospitals, offices, banks and many other places. 


Biometric attendance devices are helpful as they are accurate, time-efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to be installed. Without further ado, here are 5 interesting facts that you might not know about biometric attendance devices: –



1. Fingerprints May Vary Over Time

Fingerprints can vary and change with age. It can be hard to read the fingerprint in case of a cut on the finger. Therefore, fingerprints might not always be accurate when it comes to identification system especially over time. There are a lot of factors that could potentially affect the fingerprints scanner, one of which is when your fingerprint recognition is wet or sweating. Therefore it is important to make sure that your finger is clean and dry when you cover the entire fingerprint recognition sensor. To improve the recognition performance, one can register their hands of people in the building in order to perform tasks on the device. 



2. Attendance Devices Need to be Updated From Time to Time

Considering the fact that biometric data like fingerprints can change over time, it is crucial that the biometric device needs to be updated regularly. Updates often offer many new features that can repair security holes for the biometric system. It is important to be kept up to date with recent IT security services, as it can boost your program performance at its highest potential and lower the chances of the system crashing.



3. Magnets can be Harmful for Biometric Devices

Researches have shown that there are a few things that you should never place near magnets especially with technologies as modern devices are often made of magnetic materials. This indicates that biometric devices can be damaged when they come in contact with powerful magnets.


Unfortunately, one of the things you should never place near a biometric device is a magnet. This is because biometric devices are considered to be a storage device that contains fingerprints features of a registered person through the use of magnetic tape. Once the biometric device is brought near a magnetic field, the magnet would erase all the data that is stored within the biometric device. 



4. Different Devices Have Different Methods of Storing Fingerprints

For security purposes, fingerprints are not stored in biometric devices as images. But rather, they are turned into a mathematical representation of important points in a fingerprint as well as a new ridge and the widest point of a ridge. This representation differs from devices to devices. It is not possible to reverse engineer the mathematical representation into a fingerprint. For further security for the attendance devices, the biometric system will be encrypted, so that no privacy or identity theft is done.



5. Biometric Devices Can Be Hacked

Despite the idea that utilizing biometrics enables full security, but much like password protection systems, biometric security measures can be easily hacked and all the sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands. Data hacking can happen anywhere, even the highly secured high-profile data as biometric information will be available in more places which may not employ the same level of security storage


As mentioned before, modern biometrics has become common to people of many places, and some people have stopped using common-sense security measures as they believe that biometrics is enough to secure their security problems. HOwever, the data stored in biometric can become vulnerable which leads to the theft of biometric data. Once you have been hacked, hackers would make use of the stolen data for bad purposes and the security breach can cause a lot of damage to the organization. 

Based on the five facts that you might not know about the attendance devices discussed above, now you would have known more about the attendance devices.  Biometric devices enables you to take attendance and keep your place secure and convenient, but it is also important to have common sense in taking preventing measures. Here are 3 helpful tips that might be useful for those implementing attendance devices in their workplaces: –


1. Set stronger passwords to make it harder to steal your data and make it more secure.
2. Keep your biometric information in only a few limited places that will hinder hackers to breach your data
3. Do not ignore when you are informed to update your biometric information, as it is one of the best ways to help you secure your data and reduse the vulnerability of the security system. Make sure to update your operating system and internet security software.