iFLEXi ESS Employee Self Service

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iFLEXi ESS Employee Self Service

iFLEXi ESS Employees Self Services is a web platform application open for employee to access via company’s intranet, portal or kiosk machine. Internet has created a new economy, which by its explosive growth and sheer size already changed our perception of traditional way of doing business and that also influences Human Capital Management. In iFLEXi Employees Self Services consists of 7 Separate different modules. The idea and intention of this module is to eliminate paper printing and reduce the workload for Managers, HOD, HR and Payroll staffs.

ESS e-Employee

Records Management
Employees can access to their personal records. They’re allow to update their personal record. The system will make the effective changes once their changes approve by the administrator.

ESS e-Leave

Convenient Usage
Apply/Approve leave anytime, anywhere

Self Service System
Instant Leave Information and Employee Self-Service system.

A web-based system for handling all types of leave: annual, sick, family, etc.

Immediate Info
Up-to-date information of leave status and leave balance without contacting Human Resource Department.

Email Notification
Email notification of leave application & approval/rejection to subordinates & supervisors

Reminder alerts and delegation of leave approval.

Multiple User Types
Multiple user types to enable HR Administrator, Manager, and User access levels.

Unlimited Levels
Unlimited levels of leave approvers/supervisors for each group.

Calendar View -“Who’s On Leave”

Easily Modify
Easily modify leaves eg cancel or postpone leaves.

Ease of Planning
Leave Planning made easier. Plan leaves after taking into consideration colleagues’ leaves.

ESS e-Claims

Manage Claims
Employee can manage advance or claims and submit advance or claims online with scanned receipts.

User Friendly
Easy Setup and User Friendly.

Employee Creation
Unlimited Employees Creation & Access.

Easy to Check Claims Status

Multi-Levels Approval

Email Notification
Approval & Notification via E-Mail.

User-Defineable Fields for HR to Customize Claim Items.

Powerful Reporting

Unlimited Claim Types Creation

ESS e-Payslip

Records Management
Online Global Employees Electronic Payslip Management Service for employees 24×7 easy access to their e-payslips, e-EA(e-Tax), e-PCB, or any other e-documents globally.

Records Management
Employees also can print their e-Payslip or send their payslip to their own email account.

Password Protection
The system also further enhanced with encrypted document password for added e-Payslip information protection.

ESS e-Attendance

Time Tracking
Supervisor is able to track whether employee is at work early or late (based on roster).

Real Time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of employees and personnel.

Limit Claims
Ability to limit maximum working hours/overtime claims.

User Privilege
Supervisor can edit their employees’s clock data without go through administrator.

Enhanced User Privilege
Allow supervisor change the ShiftCode of their employees. Administrator can save their time to manage all employees.


Fully integrates with iFlexiHRMS Time Attendance System & iFlexiHRMS Payroll System.

Apply/Approve OT anytime, anywhere

Online Based
A web-based system for handling all types of OT.

Email Notification
Email notification of OT application & approval/rejection to subordinates & supervisors.

Reminder Alerts
Reminder alerts and delegation of OT approval.

Multiple User Levels
Multiple user types to enable HR Administrator, Manager, and User access levels.

Unlimited Sub Levels
Unlimited levels of OT approvers/supervisors for each group.

Approved OT are synchronized and uploaded to the payroll management system.

ESS e-OT Planning

OT Planning
Supervisor can plan OT for his employees and see the whole picture of his employee’s work time.

Best Practices
With OT Plan software, you can leverage proven best practices to optimize work processes and reduce costs.

Plan and forecast with greater precision

Reduce Costs
Overtime cost can be controlled

Easily Modify
Easily modify OT plan eg cancel or delete OT plan.

Full Suite of Functionalities

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