Asset Register Module

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Asset Register Module

Master Assets Register

Master Assets Register is to record company / organization Asset Information of new or existing assets. Another features is to calculate monthly and yearly depreciation of assets, Hire Purchase, Initial Capital Allowance also determine the gain or loss on disposal of assets.

Master Assets Register

Maintain Assets

Assets Location

Assets Type

Assets Capital Allowances

  • Initial Allowances
  • Annual Allowances
  • Default AA


  • Straight-Line
  • Reducing Balance
  • Calculation : Rate / Life

Hire Purchase

  • Deposit
  • Total HP Principal
  • Total HP Interest
  • Total HP Amount


  • Date of Disposal
  • Disposal Price
  • Accumulated Depreciation
  • Net Book value


  • Fixed Assets Schedule Inquiry
  • Hire Purchases Schedule Inquiry
  • Capital Allowances Schedule Inquiry
  • Fixed Assets Schedule Report
  • Hire Purchases Schedule Report
  • Capital Allowances Schedule Report
  • Assets Listing Report
  • Hire Purchases Repayment Listing Report

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