Zeoniq POS

business software for Small and Medium Enterprise

POS System

Sales, is always the ultimate concern for every business because it will lead to revenue and ROI for the stakeholders of your company.

Flexible And Customizable

Flexible and customizable order screen, suitable for touch and non-touch screen, for retail and F&B sectors, for left handed and right handed users.

Advanced Promotion Engine

Equipped with an advanced promotion engine with standard logics. Option for user configurable logic when our standard logics unable to meet the requirements.

Features Designed For F&b Sector

  • Table management
  • Kitchen slip printing
  • Flexible combos and modifiers

3a Security System
(Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)

Hardware integrated authentication (eg. fingerprint, magnetic card), with configurable authorization for each functions, and audit report logging all activities in the system.


ZEONIQ POS is an extensive window based POS system


  • Sales, discount, tax & charges calculation
  • Promotion
  • Kitchen slips
  • Kitchen message
  • Table management
  • Layout management
  • Hardware integration
    • Printer
    • Cash Drawer
    • MSR
    • Scanner
    • Line display
    • Finger print
  • Activity log and security control
  • Sales reporting
    • Z-Report
    • Category Sales Report
    • Item Sales Report
    • Bill Summary Report
  • Training mode
    • Easier staff training without  impact to the live data
    • Simulate new settings prior to live  environment
  • Doripod integration
  • Chopink/Gaga integration


What do POS systems do?

A POS, or point of sale, system can help reduce your paperwork, track inventory and market to your customers through one easy-to-use process, making more time for you to manage your business rather than staying bogged down in details.

What is a POS system?

Most aptly, the term represents the central marketing mechanism that companies use to control and handle certain facets of their market. The cornerstone of the company is a strong point of sale (POS) program and is an incredibly useful tool. Not only can your staff use it to clock in, ring up orders, create your customer profile and offer loyalty incentives, but you can also use a POS program to monitor your inventory, create an online marketplace, produce reviews, and the list goes on.

What is a web-based POS system?

A web-based POS solution means the POS system runs from a web-browser such as Internet Explorer and could be dependent on an always-on Internet connection.

What is an integrated POS system?

An integrated POS system can handle all sales receipts and inventory management, ensuring customer and store records and all associated data are obtained from a single account that is managed and modified by the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. So the POS system is completely combined into all the other facets of the company operations rather than having the retail revenue managed by a stand-alone program, which then needs to be changed with the central bookkeeping, financial or procurement system.

What’s the best POS system for a smallish table serving restaurant/bar?

The answer depends a lot on how large the restaurant is, but in general, for a full service restaurant with a bar, you’re going to want a robust POS system that can handle reporting, detailed raw inventory tracking, employee management, and quick communication between the floor and the kitchen.

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