iFLEXiHRMS Payroll System

business software for Small and Medium Enterprise

iFLEXiHRMS Payroll System

A powerful payroll solution for your daily business.

In most organizations and companies, payroll processing are among the most stressful times for business owners and accountants.

Now with iFLEXiHRMS Payroll System (formerly known as AutoPay), a comprehensive payroll management software, any organizations can easily manage their payroll process, accurate and efficient. It simplifies payroll processing for business owners, accountants and office administrators.

iFLEXiHRMS Payroll System free up your time from tedious and complex payroll calculations, preparation of pay slips and all statutory submissions. It built for your business, and grow with your business.


Full Integration
Full integration to access Time Attendance data.

User Definable Formula
Flexible in using built in Formula Editor to do User Definable Formula in Allowance/Deduction/Overtime based on multiple criteria or conditions set.

No Restrictions
NO restrictions in setting up multiple Allowance or Deduction codes, in relation to government contribution and deduction such as EPF, SOCSO and Tax.

Detailed Explaination
A Detailed Explanation file will be provided for any Payroll Result obtained.

Report Designer
Built in Report Designer to assist HR executive, Self Service to do any customized pay-slip layouts or reports.

Leave Entitlement Calculation
Leave Form module with Built In Leave Entitlement Calculation.

Ready To Use Reports
Ready to use various types of Management, Analysis and Government Statutory Reports.

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop concept for using Payroll Analysis tool, a tool with built in Charting where can do the analysis of Payroll, Allowance, Deduction, Leave and OT in a Grid View format, can export to Excel if need further analysis.

Audit Control
Extensive of Audit Control as built in Audit Trail can always keep track of all the records manipulation.

Powerful Search Engine
Powerful Searching Engine via Grid Filtering or Query Code

Over 200 Reports
Over 200 Comprehensive Professional Management Reports are built in, such as Payroll Summary Report, EA Form, Pay-Slips and etc

Conform to Regulations
Always conform to Government Rules and Regulations for Human Resource standard, certified by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri, annually renewal.

Microsoft .NET Technology
Built on Microsoft .NET Technology with Powerful SQL Engine, and compatible with multiple Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and etc.

Full Suite of Functionalities

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