iFLEXiHRMS Time Attendance System

business software for Small and Medium Enterprise

iFLEXiHRMS Time Attendance System

A powerful time attendance software for your daily business.

iFlexiHRMS Time Attendance System (formerly known as AutoTime) is a cost-effective time management software. It is design for small and medium business which looking for simple but yet powerful and configurable time management software for daily business.

It help you save time by reduce the time spent in calculating employee work hour and save money by not overpaying employee. Built on Microsoft.NET Technology with powerful Microsoft SQL server, this ensure you invest valueable money and time on right and latest technology.


Real-Time Data Polling
Interface to various Time Recorder devices such as Biometric and Smart Card to provide Real-Time Data Polling, Option to upload Clock Data via Text File.

Data Synchronization or Export
Perform Data Synchronization or Export, from and to UBS or any 3rd party payroll systems, such as Employee Master Data.

Detail configuration
Detail configuration setup to cater for multiple complex scenarios in calculation of Overtime, Late In, Early Out, and Time Off.

Overtime Approval Form
Built in Overtime Approval Form to control Overtime performed by each employee.

QDE (Quick Data Entry)
Batch Data Entry concept via QDE (Quick Data Entry) such as Leave Form, OT Approval and etc to reduce times spent for performing any redundant work.

Leave Entitlement Calculation
Auto-calculation of Leave Entitlement, Taken or Balance after Leave Form is submitted and processed, with Leave Pattern pre-defined by HR executive.

Defining Own Formula
Flexible in Defining Own Formula based on conditions and criteria for setting up Allowance Code.

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop concept for using Attendance Analysis tool, a tool with built in Charting where can do the analysis of Employees’ Attendances in a Grid View format, can export to Excel if need further analysis.

Audit Control
Extensive of Audit Control as built in Audit Trail can always keep track of all the records manipulation.

Powerful Search Engine
Powerful Searching Engine via Grid Filtering or Query Code

Over 200 Reports
Over 200 Comprehensive Professional Management Reports are built in, such as Clocking Time Listing, Daily Attendance and etc

Conform to Regulations
Always conform to Government Rules and Regulations for Human Resource standard, certified by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri, annually renewal.

Microsoft .NET Technology
Built on Microsoft .NET Technology with Powerful SQL Engine, and compatible with multiple Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and etc.

Full Suite of Functionalities

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